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Fitness Instructies

Watch and Learn

Watch and Learn, zijn korte fitness instructies. Geen lange slaapverwekkende filmpjes maar alles wat je moet zien. Plaatje, geen praatje maar wel duidelijke voorbeelden!

Fitness instructies


Medicine Squat, Press and Toes
Kettlebell Front Squat
Lunge Knee-up
Single Leg Squat Knee Touch
Jumping Lunges
Lunge Bumper Plate with Twist
Static Barbell Squat
Two-arm Kettlebell Squat
Back Squat
Barbell Front Squat
Kettlebell Box Step-up
Single-leg Touchdown
One Kettlebell Front Squat with Flattened Elbows
Bulgarian Split Squat with Dumbbells
Dumbbell Walking Lunges
Barbell Hip Thruster
Dumbbell Squat
Overhead Squat

Suspension Trainer Hip Thrust (TRX)


Box Push-up
Perfect Push-up
Box Push-up Touching Chest
Push-up Touching Chest
Box Spiderman Push-up
Spiderman Push-up
Side to Side Push-Up
Box Side to Side Push-Up
Ball Diamond Push-up
Push-up with feet on the Gym Ball
Dumbbell Chest Press
Stability Ball Dumbbell Chest Press
Bench Press
Push-up Hands on Stability Ball
Power Tube Push-up
Supine Bench Press
Stability Ball Single-arm Dumbbell Chest Press

Suspension Trainer Ring Push-up (TRX)
Dumbbell Fly on a Flat Bench
Resistance Band Bench Press


Two Arm Kettlebell Row
Bent over Dumbbell Reverse Fly
Back Extension
Standing Row Power Tube
Pull-up with Small Grip
Floor Cobra
Lat Pulldown
Kettlebell Renegade Row
Single-leg and Single-arm Cable Row
Rear Deltoid Machine Row
Bent over Barbbell Row
Barbbell Deadlift
Machine lat Pulldown
Single-arm Dumbbell Row
Paused Bent Over Row

Suspension Trainer Row (TRX)
Bent over Row Stop and Go 90º
Kettlebell Deadlift


Barbell Push Press
Shoulder Side and Front Raise with Tube
Standing Dumbbell Side Raise
Single Leg Dumbbell Overhead Press
Seated Shoulder Dumbbell Press
Single-leg and Single-arm Cable Overhead Press
Stability Ball Shoulder Press
Machine Shoulder Press
Single-leg and Single-arm Dumbbell Side Raise
Side Raise with Thumbs-up

Military Press

Full Body

Kettlebell Clean
Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebell Renegade Row


Perfect Plank
Glute of Hip Bridge
One Leg Hip Bridge
Plank with Leg Lift
Hanging Leg Raises
Ball Scissors Crunch
Kettlebell Renegade Row
Stability Ball Crunch
Stability Ball Rollout
Stability Ball Cable Crunch
Reverse Crunch
Foam Rol Crunch with Back to the Ground
Bosu Crunch
Bench Leg Raise with Small Movements

Hollow Rock



Biceps Cable Curl
Biceps Curl with EZ Bar
Bent over Biceps Curl with EZ Bar


Triceps Rope Cable Pushdown
Triceps Dips

Kracht Uithoudingsvermogen

Battle Rope Alternating Wave